Working in the cross-field of data science and consulting is great fun. Here are 6 tips on how to get to the first round!

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A year ago, I was looking for my first job in data science. I wished to become a data scientist in a Tier One consulting firm. To get the change I knew it would require hard work and determination. I learned some valuable insights on my journey. Insights that helped me get to the dream position I’m in today.

Jobs in the cross-field of data science and consulting are in great demand. As a result, a great academic resume is not enough. You need to show great coding skills, creativity, and curiosity. …

It is time to close the gap between technical and non-technical people! Master these five soft skills to shine as a data scientist

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Many organizations do not experience full gains from introducing data science methods. This is not because the technology is unmatured. It is simply because the gap between the mindset of a data scientist and the organization is still too wide. The mindset of a data scientist is too focused on the technical aspects.

If we expect organizations to have faith in data science methods we need to focus more on soft skills! By doing so we can build a strong bridge to close the gap and invite non-technical people into our world.

Shine as a Data Scientist with Great Soft Skills

And how I’m going to make sure my new year's resolution will stick by setting tangible and sustainable goals

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I want to start writing more. I’m new to writing but I enjoy having a voice and express myself.

A new year means new goals and visions for the future. After a though 2020 with a global pandemic, it feels nice to think about a hopefully brighter future. For 2021 I have multiple goals. One is related to writing. I want to spend more time promoting my personal brand. As a data scientist, It is important for me to get more out there. I want to keep challenging myself and follow core data science trends.

My 2021 goal: Promote my…

Choose your words wisely! Unlock the full potential of data science by adjusting phrases to the end-user

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As a data scientist in a Tier One Consultancy, I crave unlocking value for clients. My role is to bring value by applying core data science techniques. Doing so, I sometimes face cases where data science solutions are excluded.

The techniques are simple still referred to as black-box methods. This might at times be true but often it is a result of the lack of effective communication.

We have failed as data scientists when people see every method as black-box methods

The field of data science should be for everyone. …


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